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Training and Protection Services from Blue Hawk Technologies

Welcome to Blue Hawk Technologies. Blue Hawk Technologies are a specialist training company that delivers un-paralleled services in Foreign Internal Defence (FID). Recognized for its performance as a premium service organization, our Company combines integrity and quality to deliver unsurpassed integrated security and protection solutions to organizations around the world. We tailor our services to meet your organization's unique security needs, wherever you do business. Protecting employees, customers, assets, and reputations is of paramount importance to global enterprises during these turbulent times. Corporations and Governments face a number of uncertainties, either on the domestic front or elsewhere in high-threat environments, including disturbing dissident actions, and unsettling world events. The services of a professional company will enable further expansion of your own capability or help you to protect your resources.


The resolution of human conflict, terrorism, the illicit trade of drugs, weapons and human beings, is a complex and constantly changing environment. Today there is an unprecedented requirement for a company to meet security demands in a specialized, professional and highly skilled way. Foreign languages, unusual customs, differing political opinions, and unethical practices are all challenges to the professional operations of security companies working in a foreign environment. Many security companies provide unskilled instruction, by personnel who have no relevant experience and who are unaccustomed to working with different dialects, languages or cultures. In some cases these companies have no expertise in training delivery. Greed, corruption, and unaccountable losses both financial and personnel have been identified as a high risk when engaging unprofessional, untrained and untested operators.


At Blue Hawk Technologies we see a world market that requires the assistance of a multilingual team consisting of internationally accredited instructors/operators who have Special Forces backgrounds. Blue Hawk Technologies will provide you with a total solution package for your military, police and executive protection needs.

With any training or protection development a secure base of operations is paramount. Blue Hawk Technologies has the ability to design and implement a comprehensive Base Support Operation complete with Force Protection.

Train the Trainer programs are available to train and educate your staff in up to date methodologies.

Our goal is to provide a specialist niche service to those Government departments and Principals who require qualified instructors with unsurpassed specialist skills and experience. We are devoted to personal service and protection excellence. We are able to deploy to any country in any capacity providing it is seen as a lawful and legal operation (see our Code of Ethics).