About Us
What you can expect from Blue Hawk Technologies

Blue Hawk Technologies delivers security and protection solutions to Governments and private corporations worldwide. The company integrates security solutions to obtain success for its clients.

Key services provided include:

  • Assessment and analysis
  • Technical surveillance countermeasures
  • Tactical training
  • Full-scale security
  • Tactical Support
  • Armoured Support
  • Air/Close Air Support
  • Protection operations and life support services to enable you to create and sustain a secure operational environment

At Blue Hawk Technologies we provide expertise in problem-solving and risk management for a wide range of organizations.

As a client, you can be rest assured that the security of your personnel, infrastructure and assets are safeguarded by the very best.

Blue Hawk Technologies takes pride in consistently exceeding our client’s expectations. We ensure that maintaining delivery of our services is achieved through utilizing professional standards of project management in line with High Military Standards and recognised best practice.

Blue Hawk Technologies will provide you with a Project Manager who will be directly accountable for your project and who will design and implement a security package exclusively for your company.

Our operators have provided in depth counter terrorism training and assistance to both the Police and Military forces around the globe.